Make Money on Audible: Easy Ways to Earn While Listening


Looking to make money on Audible? Audiobooks are highly popular, with US sales reaching $1.3 billion in 2020. Audible, an Amazon subsidiary, is a leading platform for purchasing and streaming audiobooks and podcasts.

Customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access a vast library of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals. While the subscription covers many titles, some require Audible credits for purchase.

To monetize Audible, consider these options:

1. Narrate Audiobooks: Use your voice talents to become a narrator.

2. Self-Publish: Convert your written works into audiobooks and earn royalties.

3. Provide Production Services: Offer audio production assistance to authors and publishers.

4. Create Audiobook-Related Content: Generate income through podcasting or creating YouTube content about audiobooks.

With dedication and skill development, you can tap into the booming audiobook industry and make money on Audible.

How Do You Make Money Using Audible

Below, we’ll explore four fantastic ways to monetize your passion for narrating or promoting audiobooks on the Audible platform. Get ready to unlock your earning potential and delve into the exciting world of audiobook monetization with Audible!

1. Audible Creator Program: Apply to join the Audible Creator Program and earn $15 for each trial membership you generate. Simply promote a 30-day free trial with your custom URL, and when listeners sign up, you receive a $15 commission. You get paid monthly once you reach the $30 payment threshold.

2. Audible Amazon Associates Program: Make money on Audible by becoming an Amazon Associate. This program allows you to refer people to, where they can purchase Audible products and memberships. For each eligible Audible purchase or membership signup you refer, you earn a fixed advertising fee. The fee structure varies, with values assigned to Audible Gold Digital Membership, Audible Free Trial Digital Membership, and Audible Audiobook.

 By joining the Audible Amazon Associates Program, you can earn advertising fees for each visitor who signs up for an Audible membership plan or purchases an audiobook on

These opportunities provide you with the chance to leverage the Audible platform, generate income, and share your love for narrating or promoting audiobooks. Embrace the exciting world of audiobook monetization with Audible!. 

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